Operating System for Your Staffing Agency

CrewFlux is an end-to-end management platform for running a successful staffing agency. We provide a secure place to onboard your recruits, manage their data, schedule events, disperse training resources, track timesheets, and much more.



Streamline Onboarding

CrewFlux simplifies workforce onboarding with a customizable interface. Define the data you need, and seamlessly guide users through the process, eliminating back-and-forth emails and missing information.



Effortless Scheduling and Training

Manage events and training sessions with ease using CrewFlux's centralized scheduling tool. Create events, send invitations, and set up meeting URLs in one place, making the process efficient and stress-free.



Empowering Agency Management

CrewFlux optimizes staffing agency operations, allowing administrators to focus on business growth. Experience the benefits of our all-in-one platform and see why clients rely on Recrew for their staffing needs.



Integrations and Extensions

Simplify and optimize your workflow by connecting your applications with Crewflux.


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